‘Becoming Together’ A collaborative presentation on Inclusive research relationships

I always am so tense before and during presentations. I always have butterflies in my tummy, I am nervous, I am trembling. Outwardly I appear calm, inside I am freaking out. As long as I can remember I have always had stage fright. This great fear of public speaking.  I acknowledge it’s complicated problem that isContinue reading “‘Becoming Together’ A collaborative presentation on Inclusive research relationships”

Discovering Poetic Transcription

The data collection phase of my research was immersive. I was enthralled by experiences participants shared within interviews, the incidents they narrated, the emotional trajectory within the interviews, the expressions, the gestures, the ‘tells’ each participant had, the unique way they spoke, the language they used. During interviews participants controlled the narrative and shared whatContinue reading “Discovering Poetic Transcription”

Immersive interviews

In the previous blog post I had shared my experience of recruiting participants via Twitter. In this blog post I am sharing my experience of conducting online interviews via Zoom/ Microsoft Teams and the transcription process. I interviewed each participant four times, each interview was approximately one hour long. The interviews followed a timeline, beginningContinue reading “Immersive interviews”

Participant Recruitment- Twitter came to my Rescue

The first year and half of my PhD was spent completing taught modules, preparing leaflets for recruitment, interview questions, applying/ waiting for ethical approval. I worked on every aspect of managing power dynamics within interviews, read everything I could about interviewing techniques. Basically, planning every minute aspect of my data collection. I was constantly worriedContinue reading “Participant Recruitment- Twitter came to my Rescue”